April 2023 product release 1.4.3!

The final 1.4 release (1.4.3) brings signficant improvements to the forecast engine, adjustments, exceptions and events workflows and general robustization of the application. Some key capabilities included in this release are -

1. Promotions and events - Ability to shift event dates, drop promotions without impact (automatic data cleansing) and cluster events into Low/medium/high based on event mechanics (say based on price)

2. Adjustments and uploads

  • Adjustments logging is now more robust and displays the exact level, filters and time granularity over which the adjustments were made
  • Better handling of adjustments in Month/quarter/Year buckets for partial weeks falling between month start and month end
  • Improved error handling during workbench forecast adjustment uploads including details of what was uploaded and which records failed to upload

3. Portfolio Management

  • Additional method to enter New product introductions, Discontinued products and Distribution network - using ramp profiles instead of volumes

4. Engine improvements

  • Ability to consume orders and preorders on GFU or DFU level based on business requirement
  • Ability to run Demand Planning or Demand Sensing on any day of the week consuming orders/preorders specific to that weekday

5. General usability improvements

  • Event library navigation - Event library is now on the main page as its own tab. This was a feedback from many customers
  • Navigation improvements - select/deselect all filters, filters are now remembered per page, easier to type on editable fields and dropdowns
  • easier navigation from exception resolution screen and back to workbench