January 2022 Release!

What’s New:

Happy New Year 2022! :fireworks:
New Year. New Beginnings. And here’s something new you can look forward to with this release:

  • An interactive Events Table that lets you add, edit, delete, upload and search at the lowest hierarchy level.
  • A responsive user interface that adjusts screen resolution smoothly to various screen sizes.

The Events Page is interactive now!

Add, Edit Events:

  • You can now add and edit event information both at Master and Calendar levels directly through the table.
  • The user friendly design helps you tab through the table to enter your information and minimizes the mouse clicks needed.
  • The table retains the ability to revert back to your original values before save - making it easier for you to review and revert back, in case you enter incorrect information.

Delete Events:

  • You can delete any obsolete information from the table at both Calendar and Master levels.
  • You also, have the option to delete multiple events or delete entire Master rows - making it easier for you to bulk delete.

Upload Events:

  • Upload multiple Events at once using the Upload function on the page. Templates with a quick help guide makes creating the upload files painless.
  • Any errors on the upload are available to download back - making it easier for you to debug any issues and reupload.

Search Events:

  • You can search on various fields within the Event Table, making it simpler for you to find an existing event and update information.

Responsive UI:

The user interface is more scalable to various screen sizes ensuring consistency across layouts.

  • Workbench and Events screens have collapsible table and graph which lets you focus on one part of the screen.
  • The filters section on the screens can now be collapsed making it easier for you to focus on just the details.
  • Font sizes, margins and spaces fluidly adapts to different screen sizes from 1080p to UHD resolutions.

Forecasting Engine:

  • Fine grain trend control for growth, decay and dampening. This makes the forecast more stable and reasonable.

What’s Next:
Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up next -

  • Performance Management screen to track metrics
  • Updates to make the Events page error messages more intuitive.
  • Ability to Add Events and Adjustments at any hierarchy level