March 2022 release

What’s New:

With this release you will have
○ Ability to compare Garvis engine and Planner forecasts performance against
Benchmark forecasts
○ A truly interactive Events page that lets you plan your events at all hierarchy levels of your data!
○ See your data as different units of measure and,
○ Copy and Share your page

· Performance Management Screen
○ The Performance Management screen allows you to compare the performance of Garvis engine against a benchmark system (e.g., statistical model, naive forecasts or current historical forecasts) and planner forecast (driven by planner input).
○ This screen allows an easy side-by-side comparison of the 3 forecasts (Garvis, Benchmark and Planner) for MAPE, Bias, Accuracy, Volume against Version, Lag, Forecasted dates.
○ This screen also allows you to group data by lag, forecast version or forecast date and compare metrics at different aggregation levels of product/location/channel attributes.

· Event Library
Events Table is now editable at all levels of product- customer - location hierarchy.
○ You are no longer limited by having to choose the lowest level before updating your Events. You can Add, Edit, Delete, Search and Upload Events at any level.
○ Events Table now has more intuitive error messages to help guide you better in making updates to the data.

· Units of Measure:
○ You can configure different units of measure for your data. For example, you can now see your data in terms of Kilograms, Packets and Quantity. You can switch between measurement units to form a more complete picture of your forecast.

· Copy and Share:
○ You now can share your page, including your filter selections and aggregation levels by a simple click of the button.
○ This helps your team look through the same view of the data and collaborate better.

· Engine Improvements:
Smarter seasonality detection: Garvis engine now tunes seasonality based on age of the forecasting unit. This improves the overall forecast by preventing aggressive/over fitting for short and medium history items.
○ We now support fine grained control of forecasting method and parameters.

· Issues Fixed
The following issues have been fixed.
○ Issue with display of historical trend fit on the workbench table and graph has been fixed.
○ Issue with outlier detection that suppresses Peak and Trough exceptions for some items has been fixed.
○ Issue where planner overrides to history were sometimes not taken into account for forecasting has been fixed.

What’s Next:
Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up next -
○ Ability to make an Adjustment at any level