October 2022 release 1.3

We are really excited to share updates about a major 1.3 release with significant usability and AI engine updates

  1. Actionable Demand Sensing gives a significant reduction in Forecast error for near term horizons
  2. New algorithms to improve intermittent item forecasting using Long Short Term Memory (LSTM)
  3. Usability improvements -
  • Copy-paste Events in event library table
  • ‘filter-to’ selection in workbench table - directly allows you to filter on workbench table rows
  • Users can select any number of dimensions in workbench table via “Aggregation” button
  • Zoom in graphs
  • New date picker control; Date filter shortcuts - e.g. last 12 weeks
  • New fields in Workbench table – Sales Total and Forecast Total
  • Show product version, help link in the top right corner user menu
  • Default screen for NPI / Disc - shows list of all NPI and Discontinuation profiles active
  • Unexplained (All Other) Volume component in Workbench