September 2021 Release!

Garvis Updates and New Features

September 2021

What’s New:

  • Garvis Advanced Forecasting Engine is now live! :tada:
    • Garvis can now link sales patterns to events & promotions in the past and, and use a future looking event calendar to create more intelligent forecasts for the future.
    • Garvis can also model past and future Covid lockdowns to create a picture of possible Covid related scenarios in the future and what it could mean for your business.
  • Garvis enables you to visually analyze sales and forecast data on the Workbench screen, while simultaneously letting you dive into the numbers.
    • A more intuitive layout and filter options mean that you can hone in on your precise view of the data.
    • An updated graph lets you understand the components of your demand better - toggle between the Seasonality, Promotion and Event components against the forecast, all in one space.
    • A compact workbench table lets you see varied components at different aggregate levels and for multiple time frames.
  • Garvis engine can now capture a point or range of points outside the normal threshold as Exceptions in your data. You can
    • resolve exceptions ( either partially or completely) at both family or single child exception level.
    • assign an event (Inventory clearance, Promos, Price Change etc.) to an exception.
    • step through exceptions or navigate exceptions at different hierarchies.
  • Garvis now enables you to make bulk Adjustments . You can
    • make multiple adjustments at one go and see the updated graph instantly.
    • view the initial and overridden Sales & Forecast values for an easy comparison.
    • assign an event to an adjustment.
  • Garvis now gives you the means to upload your Event calendar directly through the app. You can
    • see the graphical representation of events and impact of events on past and future.
    • slice-n-dice event impact across hierarchy.
    • view the duration of the impact for each event grouped by category or as an individual event.
  • Garvis now empowers you by giving you transparency around the AI Engine through
    • displaying engine capabilities
    • hierarchies (view pattern recognition config, forecasting config)
    • components and effects of events, promotions and other demand components

What’s Next:

Keep an eye out for the following with our next release

  • Performance Dashboard to track metrics.
  • Ability to Event data to Exceptions and Adjustments to enable better forecasts.
  • And a more interactive Event Library